The Orbit Café remodel modernized and reconfigured the kitchen and seating area to feature an innovative menu and point of sale technology.

The project consisted of:

  • renovating and reconfiguring existing electrical system to accommodate new kitchen equipment
  • refurbishing and installing utility connections for kitchen equipment
  • installing an acoustical ceiling in the kitchen
  • installing three grease interceptors and two lift station pumps
  • installing new exhaust hoods
  • installing sixteen hydroponic planters used to grow vegetables and herbs as menu ingredients
  • remodeling employee restrooms
  • demolishing and installing underground plumbing
  • installing ceramic and glass wall tile
  • demolishing and installing gypsum board walls
  • renovating and installing millwork
  • painting
  • modifying fire alarm and suppression systems
  • installing audiovisual systems including twelve 55” T.V.’s and twelve 19” ceiling mounted T.V.’s

The Café opened prior to Thanksgiving with a ‘soft opening” to test new equipment and process prior to the busy holiday season.