In partnership with Tesla, an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake installed three electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.  Tesla’s Destination Program, which is focused on expanding their network of EV charging locations across the United States, is designed to incentivize thought leaders in the hospitality industry.  Through this program, Tesla is offering free charging equipment and installation subsidy for companies including Delaware North.  Earlier in the year (1/21/2015) Delaware North at Yosemite also partnered with Tesla to install EV charging stations.


Daisy Hall goes for a test drive

Following in their footsteps, The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake moved forward with a partnership of their own to create opportunities for those traveling near and far in electric vehicles to charge up while visiting the area.

The Lodge offers two types of free EV charging stations: two Tesla and one universal Cripple Creek station.  Eric Frantz, General Manager of The Lodge, sees the value in partnering with Tesla. “Not only does this new opportunity provide a valuable convenience for our guests, but the marketing coverage Tesla provides on their website and to their loyal customer base is priceless for The Lodge and the area.”

If interested in getting Tesla charging stations at your location, the streamlined process includes a few easy steps:

  1. Identify 3 of the closest parking spaces to power.
  2. Contact a local electrician about the installation of 3 EV Charging stations:  2-Tesla and 1-Clipper Creek.
  3. Provide electrician with product specifications for these models.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the electrician for a site visit.
  5. The electrician conducts a survey .
  6. Attain an estimate from the electrician and submit to Tesla using their Estimate Approval Form.
  7. Tesla approves the estimate, ships the hardware, and places the property as a Destination Charging Partner.
  8. Install the EV Charging Stations.
  9. Communicate and market the EV charging stations.
  10.  Tesla covers the cost for the equipment and pays the electrician.


Benefits of the Destination Program include:

  • Visibility and exposure to a market of affluent travelers who travel frequently.
  • Host Tesla Drive events and support future collaborations between brands.
  • The opportunity to join a new, technology-forward initiative – and take advantage of “early adopter” incentives that may not be available long-term.
  • Inclusion in their Model S’ navigation system and interactive map for Tesla owners to access.
  • Estimated electric output cost on average is ~$5 dollars per customer, and it’s an amenity visitors may seek when traveling.

Published June 30, 2015