Delaware North’s operations at Yellowstone National Park now include four eateries
certified by the Green Restaurant Association.

Grilled sandwich and fries

Food and beverage operations within Canyon General Store, Fishing Bridge General Store and Grant General Store recently joined the Old Faithful Basin Store in becoming Green Restaurant certified by the Green Restaurant Association — a national nonprofit organization that helps restaurants become more environmentally sustainable. To become a Level 1 Certified Green Restaurant, each general store implemented about 30 steps to reduce environmental impacts.

Highlights of the efforts include:

• Creating a Styrofoam-free environment
• Implementing a full-scale recycling and composting program
• Using 100 percent compostable or reusable dinnerware
• Use of LED light bulbs
• Reducing waste by about 50 percent through recycling
• High-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves, which help save energy and water

“With four Green Restaurant-certified locations spread around Yellowstone National
Park, it’s easy to minimize your environmental footprint while still eating a delicious
meal,” said Environmental, Interpretive and Risk Director Justin Cook. “Yellowstone
General Stores restaurants serve all-beef hamburgers, local ice cream, vegetarian options
and more. Each Yellowstone general store’s food outlet is unique in its own way.”

Certified Green Restaurant logo

The Green Restaurant Association provides the only official Certified Green Restaurants
mark in the country. For 27 years, it has pioneered the Green Restaurant movement and
has been the leading voice within the industry — encouraging restaurants to listen to
consumer demand and incorporate transparent, science-based certification standards
into operations. With its turnkey certification system, the Green Restaurant Association
— which has been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, NPR and by the New York
Times, among others — has made it easy for thousands of restaurants to become more
environmentally sustainable in a profitable manner.


Published: September 1, 2017