The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year but it may also be a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle as schedules seem to get busier and festive food is tempting.

Maintaining a routine is important to a healthy lifestyle over the holidays and every day.  Use these tips to make a difference over time.

mid section view of a woman cutting vegetables

Eat nourishing food. Pack healthy foods and bring your refillable water bottle to stay hydrated.  Drink fruit-infused water, coconut water, tap water, or tea instead of sugary beverages. Explore regionally and locally sourced produce and meats.  Try new recipes or take a cooking class to spice up meals and have fun.

Find time to exercise. Schedule time on the calendar or be spontaneous to bring a variety of activity into life.  Taking a walk outside at lunch and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are relatively easy to integrate.  Join the gym and/or get outdoors and hike, bike, ski, or snowshoe.  As a challenge, try a new sport!


Reduce Stress.  Incorporate relaxation, meditation, and other stress-reducing techniques which benefit the mind, body, and soul.  Yoga, reading a book, getting outside and connecting with nature can help to reduce stress.  Take a break and get plenty of rest. Disconnect from technology and the digital world to reconnect with loved ones, friends, and family on a personal level.

Stay motivated.  Establish reasonable goals and celebrate when they are achieved.  Involve others to make life exciting and motivating.


Give Back.  Volunteerism and charitable donations are good for individuals, organizations, and the community.

Use a variety of methods to keep yourself engaged and on track.  Keep in mind that making healthy changes a little at a time are manageable and sustainable.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!