The Peaks at Otter Lodge continually demonstrates its commitment to an environmentally-conscientious operation by making consistent improvements and commitments to sustainable practices. Most recently, the Lodge completed three new projects significantly decreasing its energy and waste outputs. In the words of Peaks Sales Coordinator and Environmental Manager Dana Paiement, “Let the savings begin!”

The first project involved an extensive installation of LED lights in the lodge chandeliers and in new lighting fixtures at various locations. The photos below show Peaks Facilities Manager, Tommy Ransone, installing these energy-efficient bulbs into one of the chandeliers at the lodge.


Major upgrades for the Lodge lighting: LED lights last more than 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs, and only use one-third the energy.

The second project completed involved the installation of an indoor container to recycle kitchen waste oil. The new grease recycling process involves the use of a wheeled caddy placed under the fryer to let grease drain, and then pumping the excess grease from the caddy into the indoor recycling container. This process is both safer for staff by eliminating the need to carry heavy buckets of grease, and is healthier for the surrounding environment by removing the potential for grease spills from an outdoor storage container. Furthermore, the in-house grease recycling process reduces the Lodge’s overall consumption of oil, resulting in substantial financial savings.

Darton Waste Oil Container

Dana Paiement and the Lodge’s chef stand proudly over the new grease recycling container.

In another effort to reduce product consumption and waste output, the Peaks at Otter Lodge staff received stainless steel mugs to replace the use of disposable cups. These high-quality mugs are not just a generous gift to associates, but also contribute to financial savings by lowering the quantity of disposable cups purchased and trash production at the lodge.

Employee Mugs

Peaks staff Shawn Webb and Kim Meace show off their new mugs—no need for paper cups with heat-retaining mugs like those!

Join us in acknowledging these sustainability successes at the Peaks at Otter Lodge! This is just one example of many ways in which Delaware North continually works to make its operations safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

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