This past May, the Peaks of Otter Lodge Conference Center located in Bedford, Virginia was recognized with a Certificate of Environmental Commitment from Virginia Green, a campaign to promote environmentally-friendly practices in the tourism industry. Peaks of Otter Lodge secured this honor through its commitment to minimizing environmental impacts from pollution wherever feasible in its Conference Center operations. The core sustainability activities the Conference Center has committed to are:

  • High visibility recycling program, with opportunities to recycle a large variety of disposable products, including: glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, toner cartridges, batteries, electronics, corks, scotch tape, and writing instruments
  • Minimization of disposable foodservice products through recycling, compost, and use of bio-based materials for all disposable good
  • Solid waste reduction and tracking through use of reusable goods (i.e. cloth napkins, bulk soap dispensers), donation of excess food, hand dryers, and minimization of pesticides and herbicides in landscaping
  • Water conservation and tracking through low flow faucets and landscape management plan
  • Energy conservation and tracking through use of high efficiency fluorescent bulbs and individual thermostats for each room/area
  • Green Events Package offered for conferences, meetings, and other events; guests are offered zero waste meetings, sustainable cuisine, compostable to-go lunch boxes, and other environmentally sustainable offerings

Please join us in congratulating Peaks of Otter Lodge for their inspiring and extensive commitment to offering sustainable services!