Delaware North parks and resorts announces their first Sustainability Conference for Environmental Manager’s.

This year’s event will take place in conjunction with the National Association for Environmental Management’s (NAEM) Corporate Sustainability Management Conference scheduled August 4-5  in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  greentieblog

The timing is perfect since Delaware North’s GreenPath program continues to grow and integrate sustainability initiatives throughout the business operations in order to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and supports continual improvement.  The conference provides a unique opportunity for Environmental Manager’s to gain an understanding of actions that can be used immediately to improve performance.  The conference agenda focuses on the energy-water nexus, material sourcing, renewable energy strategies and sustainability reporting.

Following NAEM’s two-day conference the Environmental Manager’s will meet for one day to network, share best practices, report progress, review environmental data, establish goals, and plan for 2016.

A follow up article in next month’s publication will share insights and next steps from the Environmental Manager’s who attended this year’s sustainability conference.

Published: May 31, 2015