This article is part of our “Centennial Series: Stories from the Park Service’s 100th Year.” Please check back on GreenPath News for more stories highlighting events honoring the National Park Service. 

For over a century, the family-owned Pendleton blanket company has honored various National Parks with limited-edition wool blankets, highlighting each park’s natural and cultural significance. Glacier National Park was the first to receive this special gift in the early 1900s, and since then Pendleton has produced more National Park-inspired blankets than they can count, and continually supporting the National Park Service through the production and sale of these blankets.

IMG_7198IMG_7198IMG_7198What makes these blankets extra special is Pendleton’s commitment to weave high-quality, sustainably-produced products in their native Oregon home, always bearing in mind their social responsibility to support local and national organizations. Their elaborate prints are inspired by Native American cultural designs.

As a proud concessioner at Yellowstone National Park and distributor of Pendleton products, Delaware North at Yellowstone hosted a centennial event to celebrate the accomplishments of the NPS over the past 100 years, as well as the history of National Park-themed Pendleton blankets. During the celebration, the centennial-edition of this year’s Yellowstone blanket was released and presented to the NPS, titled “The Spirit of America” featuring the Old Faithful geyser surrounded by roaming bison.

airstream_old_faithful_web_cropCan this blanket get anymore “Yellowstone?” We think not!

Delaware North at Yellowstone donated $100 of every blanket purchase that evening directly to the NPS, which made purchasing the beautiful blanket that much more enticing.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the generous donation Delaware North presented to the NPS—$20,000 to support the “Expedition Yellowstone” youth scholarship program, which educates youth in 4th through 8th grades in a 4-5 day curriculum-based residential program. You can learn more about the program at

association_cendy_webDelaware North representatives beam as they provide generous support of the Expedition Yellowstone Program, providing outdoor and nature-based education to youth.

The celebratory atmosphere was complimented exceptionally by Chef Jacob Tew and the staff of the Branch Restaurant and Bar at the Holiday Inn, as they provided a fantastic array of appetizers and desserts, featuring locally-sourced ingredients and dishes inspired by the greater Yellowstone region. Bearing in mind the environmental impacts of the event, all food was served with compostable dishes and utensils.

pendleton_event_web_3All we can say is… YUM! Many thanks to the hardworking staff at the Branch!

Guests also had the chance to taste the exclusive Yellowstone General Store’s wine, Wolf Pack White and Bison Blend. These wines were bottled locally by Gallatin Valley Vineyards, and label designs created by Montana artist Cat Thomas.

IMG_7168Easy on the eyes (and taste buds)… What more could you need for a relaxing summer evening?


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves amongst great company and great food. 

The event provided a wonderful chance for representatives of Pendleton, the NPS, and Delaware North to intermingle and reflect on the amazing 100 year history of the NPS, and celebrate the successful collaborative efforts between these entities. We are sure looking forward to more chances to celebrate the NPS centennial!

Please take time to enjoy the party re-cap video below by clicking on the link.

Pendleton Release Party at Yellowstone General Stores