Not content to sit back and celebrate those accomplishments, Delaware North’s team at Yellowstone has continued its momentum in 2017.

The Delaware North-owned-and-operated Yellowstone General Stores experienced a historic year in 2016. Visitation was the highest in Yellowstone’s history, sales broke records, and the stores’ warehouse was the first-ever facility within any National Park to be certified as Zero Waste.

Last week, the National Park Service (NPS) released its Annual Overall Rating reports. The Yellowstone General Stores were awarded the first “Superior” rating ever to be issued by the NPS to a Delaware North parks and resorts operation.

The Yellowstone General Stores provide retail, grocery, and food and beverage services to millions of visitors a year in Yellowstone National Park, and are regularly evaluated by the NPS.

Following two scheduled onsite evaluations and completion of the Concessions Operational Performance Scorecard, the General Stores were awarded an overall rating score of 97.2 percent. The score was based on categories that included Administrative Compliance, Operational Performance, Public Health, Risk Management, Environmental Management and Asset Management.

The NPS also recognized the Yellowstone General Stores for going above and beyond the requirements of Delaware North’s operational contract. Areas of note included carrying exclusive lines of local merchandise that fit regional interpretive themes, stewardship events such as Earth Day and DiscoveryPath interactive educational programs, acquiring Zero Waste Certification, and providing superior facility asset management.

“The Yellowstone team was very responsive during the evaluation process,” said Cendy Sangermano, Delaware North’s general manager at the Yellowstone General Stores. “Noticeable improvements were documented during the second evaluation and elevated our score. We are honored to be given a ‘Superior’ rating by our client. Our focus on the Guest Experience and the facilities we operate in are important to us and the client, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the National Park Service.”


Published March 31, 2017