Through GreenPath®, our stewardship platform developed in 2001, we are committed to the care and protection of natural, cultural, and historical resources. Our standards and best management practices are based on values that guide decision making and help us achieve excellence. Delaware North maintains Corporate ISO 14001 registration for GreenPath®, its environmental management system. These voluntary standards are recognized internationally and designed for continual improvement. We define stewardship through five key indicators that help us manage and protect unique resources, tell the stories and communicate messages about our Special Places, operate responsibly in our communities, and promote healthy food choices and an active lifestyle.


Environmental Management

As the first U.S. hospitality company to register our environmental management system (EMS) to international ISO 14001 standards, we establish annual goals and implement improvements to minimize impacts from our operations.


Asset Protection

We display, protect, and preserve historic artifacts and structures, and other treasures of national and international significance. We provide for appropriate visitor access and use of the assets that are under our care.


Interpretation and Education

We embrace and share the remarkable stories of these Special Places through interpretation and education. We create an environment for associates and visitors to learn and appreciate them.


Community Outreach

We are part of the communities in which we operate and work. Outreach efforts include the contribution offunds and services, as well as associate volunteerism.


Healthy Food Healthy Living

Through our Culinary WellbeingTM Program we are committed to serving “good food that is good for our guests.” We remind guests and associates to be active and take advantage of healthy food options we offer.


About Delaware North  

Delaware North is one of the largest and most admired privately held hospitality in the world. Founded and owned by the Jacobs family for nearly 100 years, it is a global leader in hospitality and food service. Delaware North has revenue exceeding $2.9 billion annually and 55,000 associates serving half a billion customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Delaware North parks and resorts, a division established in 1992 following the acquisition of the concession contract in Yosemite National Park, extends the company’s unique brand of hospitality into parks, resorts, and cultural attractions. Delaware North Parks & Resorts offers extraordinary visitor services and experiences and works in close collaboration with the National Park Service (NPS) as well as other partners to ensure the special places in which it operates are compelling to visitors for generations to come. This has given the brand the opportunity to bring its long-standing philosophy of stewardship and hospitality to many of the world’s most extraordinary destinations.