To kick off the New Year, Delaware North partnered with BloomSky committing to the installation of eight weather stations in the Parks and Resorts division and one at the Corporate Office in Buffalo, New York.  This is just the beginning of the partnership, the goal is to equip each of the properties with at least one weather station in 2016.

BloomSky is the result of a Kickstarter Campaign in 2014 led by passionate weather and outdoor enthusiasts that happen to be avid travelers and techy early adopters.  A successful Beta test in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015 led to improvements in the technology and growth of the company.  Today, stations are installed across the globe.  BloomSky’s vision is to change the way people access the weather, by providing a next generation, multimedia, crowdsourcing network that generates accurate, hyperlocal weather information, creating an emotional connection between our users and the weather.


Unlike most weather stations, BloomSky’s are unique because they are the first crowd-sourced weather community to capture images of the sky to share real-time weather data.  Other features of the weather stations include:

  • The HD fisheye camera takes photos every 3 to 5 minutes and creates a daily time-lapse photo.
  • A downloadable free APP on iOS and Android to access the network.
  • Solar panels power the device.
  • Sensors to collect precipitation, temperature, humidity, UV exposure, and barometric pressure data.


The company also understands the value of using these stations because they:

  • Enhance visitor experience by providing guests with accurate, local weather information.
  • Strengthen the personal connection visitors develop for the places they love, and their natural environment.
  • Aid in educational partnership development through sharing weather data.
  • Serve as visual and marketing tools for those planning, visiting, working, or wanting to check the weather post visit.

Delaware North successfully tested one BloomSky weather station at the warehouse in West Yellowstone, Montana before deciding to launch this technology at other locations.  Kings Canyon recently installed a weather station. Other locations preparing for installation include:

  • The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake
  • Grand Canyon
  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
  • Shenandoah
  • Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite
  • Whitefish
  • Yellowstone
  • Buffalo Headquarters

Access BloomSky’s website and download the APP to become a follower and keep up with the latest weather reports at these and other locations!


Published January 2016