Delaware North’s director of sustainability, Deb Friedel, recently spoke at a Harvard University presentation that was focused on emerging solutions for food-waste recycling.

The lecture covered the latest progress in recycling technology while addressing many common challenges innovators in the food recycling industry face. During her part in the presentation, Friedel discussed challenges to implementing food recycling machines, including time, approval, funding, identifying locations, maintenance and WiFi connectivity.

“Food recycling faces many challenges,” Friedel said. “But there us a great amount of potential for technology to help alleviate those challenges, and we are beginning to realize the effectiveness in some of our venues.”

She also covered how Delaware North overcame the aforementioned obstacles to install innovative solutions throughout the company, including the BioHiTech Seed (at The Ridgeline Hotel Estes Park, Miller Park and The Gideon Putnam hotel), Green Mountain Technologies’ Intermodal Earth Flow (at Shenandoah National Park), FoodCycler (at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex), Somat eCorrect (at Stella 34) and LeanPath (at many gaming locations).

“Associates are excited and engaged as we pilot and continue to learn about these technologies,” she said. “The hardest question we face is around which technology is the best — because there are so many variables from one location to the next, especially given some of the remote locations in which Delaware North operates.”