A bison calf in a car? Visitors walking across hot springs, taking selfies with animals, and bottling water from thermal features?

Is it just us, or have things been getting a little too crazy at Yellowstone National Park?

The real problem is that this disrespectful behavior is happening elsewhere too—including multiple cases of vandalism in over ten national parks, and many more unnoticed acts degrading and disrespecting the natural and cultural resources of protected public lands.

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From littering to approaching animals—even the smallest actions can add up to severe impacts on wildlife and other guests’ visits.

In lieu of the increasing popularity of the National Parks, Delaware North wants to remind you that Nature Rules through this new series detailing tips and reminders for you to be prepared when entering into national parks or other wild places.

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Respecting Nature isn’t just about respecting wildlife… it’s about respecting your neighbors and community by leaving a natural place clean and untrammeled, and not putting other’s safety at risk.

Ultimately, it lies on the actions of YOU to protect natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment of your children, and your children’s children… and your children’s children’s children…

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Nobody likes trash! Leave no trace and choose to reuse instead!

Check back here for NATURE RULES outdoor adventure tips during the rest of the summer! We will provide you with everything from hiking tips, to flora and fauna education, and advice from the locals at various National Parks. We hope you find these articles useful as your plan your next wild adventure!

Don’t let summer slip away! Make sure you get out there and see why nature really does RULE!