After a busy summer filled with sporting events and concerts, Delaware North recently relaunched its guided tours of London Stadium.

“A Taste of Delaware North,” a bi-monthly newsletter published by Delaware North’s team in the United Kingdom, has the full scoop below on what’s new with the London Stadium Tour operation.

Our tour route has benefited from a number of additions since the turn of the summer, including brand new artwork within the stadium bowl and changing room, an updated running track area following on from London 2017 and even memorabilia we have been able to collect that is now on show in our Academy of Football stop.

After relaunching on Sept. 1, we have already seen four Match Day Tour operational days after a busy month for West Ham at London Stadium. During this time, we have designed the ultimate Match Day Tour experience with a brand new route for customers to enjoy — taking them on an historic journey from 1895 to the end of their time at the Boleyn ground and then on the new journey at London Stadium, including the routine West Ham players go through on a match day.

September has also seen a new product launched as our VIP Tours are now on sale for tours from Nov. 1. This gives customers the chance to purchase a tour for 2-10 people to have a privately guided  experience without any other members of the public. Still accompanied by our Multimedia Handsets, customers will have a tour guide with them giving great insight into everything that London Stadium has to offer, along with either a football-, athletics- or concert-themed tour.