In September, the Pine Lodge in Whitefish, Montana joined the Delaware North family.  Positioned at the gateway to majestic Glacier National Park, the 75-room limited service hotel serves visitors to the Park and the surrounding ski area.  It didn’t take long for the hotel to start walking the GreenPath and implementing the programs and processes that the Yellowstone Region management has successfully developed.  A recycling program was implemented upon transition, with the installation of new in-room recycling bins and back-of-house bins with collection available for glass, plastics, aluminum, cardboard, paper, batteries, light bulbs, electronics, and more.

The Pine Lodge is partnering with the Global gsp_logoSoap Project to collect used soaps and amenities for recycling and redistribution to underserved populations around the globe.  Collection of the soap has begun and the Pine Lodge associates are looking forward to shipping out their first box!

Global Soap is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2009 with the mission of improving global health through the recycling and distribution of soap through global health programs, including the CDC.  For more information on Global Soap, visit their website at

Did you know…  In United States hotels, an estimated 2.6 million bars of partially-used soap are discarded daily.  The leading causes of death in children around the globe are diseases that could be prevented with soap.  Studies have shown that handwashing with soap can cut morbidity rates from these leading causes of death by nearly 50%. Source: Global Soap.