January is the time of year to plan ahead and set goals.  There are a variety of resources that can help generate new ideas to reinvigorate, create excitement, and expand the involvement through interpretation and education programs.Merced Lake & back of Half Dome_Kenny Karst_989_2995_sm

This year, 2015, brings many opportunities to incorporate interpretive and educational messages supporting national and world events, including:

World Wetlands Day, February 2

Earth Hour, March 28

Earth Day, April 22

International Migratory Bird Day, May 9

National Trails Day, June 6

National Wildlife Day, September 4

National Public Lands Day, September 20

America Recycles Day, November 15


Many of the following organizations provide resources, awards, professional development, and networking (newsletters and conferences).

North American Association for Environmental Education

National Environmental Education Foundation

National Environmental Education Week

National Association for Interpretation

Council for Environmental Education