The Gideon Putnam, located in Saratoga Spa State Park, New York, recently hosted a week-long guitar camp with Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. Aware that the hotel would be filled with guitar players, Environmental Manager Heather Coton suggested to the event’s promoter, Dreamcatcher Events, a unique opportunity to collect and recycle guitar strings. Event coordinator Billy Hulting from Dreamcatcher immediately agreed to the plan.

Guitar strings and many other non-traditional consumer goods can be collected through the remote recycling service, Terracycle.  In this instance Terracycle partnered with D’Addario, one of the largest string manufacturers in the world to repurpose the used strings.

thumbnail_Collection Bin 2

With the successful collection at The Gideon, Dreamcatcher plans to pursue guitar string recycling at all future events.  Additionally, the Gideon’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Rob Sgarlata, was inspired to introduce a recycling program at his weekly open mic night.

thumbnail_Guitar String Collected 1

Join us in congratulating the Gideon Putnam team in creatively implementing environmentally-conscientious actions wherever possible, as well as inspiring others to act with such great consideration of waste management. This is an amazing example of how one small act can create a larger ripple effect to positively benefit the environment and motivate others to take more sustainable actions too.

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