To avoid stressful and (potentially) road-raging commutes, more Americans are turning to bikes as a healthy means of transportation. Bicycling is an excellent form of exercise, improves physical and mental health, saves gas money, produces zero emissions and, not to mention, it’s just plain fun.

Recognizing the multiple benefits of bicycling for both transportation and recreation, Delaware North at Grand Canyon purchased 14 beach-cruisers equipped with baskets and complementary helmets for its employees. Interested participants in the new “Employee Townie Bike Program” can simply sign-up and register a bike for the season by providing a refundable $30 damage deposit.

Townie Bike ProgramStylish GreenPath cruisers!

Environmental Manager Lucas Selness hopes that Delaware North employees at the Grand Canyon “get pumped about getting steezy bike cruisers for the summer,” and take advantage of this awesome opportunity to not only commute to work, but also enjoy their Grand Canyon summer by bike. Selness is also planning for continued growth of the bicycle program based on employee demand in the coming years.

We hope that you will also find time this summer to hop on your bike and feel the joy of cruising around on two-wheels! To make your journey as fun and safe as possible, remember to:

  1. Always wear a helmet! Afraid of looking dorky? Check out these style-conscious and affordable helmets at Critical Cycles.

  2. Follow traffic rules! You are considered a vehicle when biking on roads and must abide by the same rules as cars. Use hand signals to indicate the directions you plan on biking.

  3. Check your bike! Make sure your brakes work properly, your tires are pumped up adequately, and every part is functioning normally. Quick tune-ups at your local bike shop are cheap and easy, and ensure that you will stay safe during your ride.