Yellowstone General Stores launches their Pathways Program for 2015.  This year marks the 9th season.  The intent of the program is to connect park visitors with local artists and authors for a unique guest experience.  Pathways also provides an opportunity for Delaware North to introduce products into the General Stores by utilizing park guests to determine interest before integrating products into their inventory.  Pathways also allows for smaller vendors to sell their items within Yellowstone as they often may not be able to produce enough of their products to supply Yellowstone General Stores demand.

Three of Yellowstone’s largest stores including Old Faithful, Fishing Bridge, and Canyon are ideal locations for these appearances since they have plenty of space and many visitors each day.  This year over 25 local vendors and authors are participating in the program, accounting for nearly 100 visits.  Appearances occur primarily in June, July, and August during the busy season.  In 2014 the Pathways Program also expanded to include food and beverage sampling for products sold within the grocery areas.  This allows Yellowstone visitors to experience the taste of some of the local products and encourages them to purchase these items.

Pathways at Yellowstone continues to be a unique and exciting program and is another example of how  Delaware North is creating that special experience one guest at a time.

Published June 30, 2015