This Wednesday, October 12th is National Farmers Day, in celebration of all the hardworking men and women who provide us with plentiful food. Celebrate America’s rich agricultural history and ties – without our vast fields and fertile soil, we wouldn’t be the nation we are today!

National Farmer’s Day has been celebrated for over 200 years – dating back to the early 19th century. It is commonly celebrated in the late fall since it marks the end of the harvest.

Did you know that fruit and vegetable farms makes up about only 2% of America’s total farms? The rest is used to grow commodity crops, feed for livestock, and ethanol fuel.

Support your local farmers that grow fruits, veggies, and healthy foods! Use the hashtag, #nationalfarmersday, to voice your support on social media for all the incredibly hardworking farmers out there, and learn more about the day here.

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