Stewardship, a GreenPath Publication celebrates its One Year Anniversary in June.  For the past 12 months, this publication has communicated 70 stories to over 400+ associates.  This internal publication for the parks and resorts division serves to capture and share information about environmental management, facilities and asset protection, interpretation and education, community involvement, and healthy food/healthy living.

logo (1)Delaware North partnered with Fourth Idea, a Buffalo based creative agency, who developed the concept of using a web based platform rather than a PDF format because it is more flexible, interactive and accessible. Another bonus using this type of platform is the fact that all stories are archived on the website so that associates may access current and past issues at any time.

Success is directly related to the accomplishments achieved and the information shared by each of the properties.

The goal moving forward this year and into 2016 is to continue publicizing a variety of stories each month.  Please remember to take a moment to share information and photos that support current and future stewardship initiatives.  Please send to Debbie Friedel.

A very big “thank you” to those who have provided content, photos, technical support, and feedback to make this publication relevant and valuable.

Published May 31, 2015