Delaware North at Shenandoah and Kings Canyon successfully passed their external audits to achieve ISO 14001 Registration for GreenPath®.

Delaware North at Shenandoah

20131103_071908The Delaware North team at Shenandoah National Park successfully passed their ISO 14001 registration audit conducted September 29-30.  The company has operated at Shenandoah since February 2013 and after only one year achieved this recognition.  The property has implemented various projects to support continual improvement.  Highlights of their environmental program include diverting organic waste, recycling, and propane bottles; water and energy conservation; wildlife protection; and interpretation and education of park resources to guests and associates.

Congratulations to the team at Shenandoah!

Please meet Christina Larsen, the Environmental Manager for Delaware North’s operation at Shenandoah. Christina grew up in rural northeastern Ohio, where stories of the local Cuyahoga River burning were still being discussed in science class 30 years later. Most of her youth was spent playing with her dog, digging in the dirt, and exploring the woods with her “unofficially-environmentalist” grandparents. Christina graduated with a bachelor’s in environmental studies from Hiram College in Ohio. After college, she spent three years in Xanterra’s environmental department at Grand Canyon – South Rim, and met her husband, Evin, there while working at El Tovar. They have three spunky cat-children, and recently purchased a 1940s project house. Since relocating to Virginia in March 2013, the breathtaking beauty of Shenandoah Valley continues to catch her off-guard, every day.  Please contact Christina for more information.

Delaware North at Kings Canyon

shutterstock_40317211_smallThe Delaware North team at Kings Canyon National Park successfully passed their ISO 14001 registration audit conducted October 14-15.  The company has operated at Kings Canyon since November 2013 less than one year to achieve this recognition.  This property located in another pristine National Park is making progress to establish foundational programs that addresses waste, energy, water, and purchasing.

Congratulations to the team at Kings Canyon!

Please meet Kaitlin Kaminski, the Environmental Manager for Delaware North’s operation at Kings Canyon.  Kaitlin or Kaiti was hired in July of 2014 and her commitment and passion for the environment is obvious by her achievements in such a short period of time.  Kaitlin grew up in New York and has a B.S. in Environmental Science and Biology.  She was an interpreter at Kenai Fjords National Park and Alaska Sea Life Center.  Kaitlin has experience conducting research and enjoys the outdoors.  Her career started with Delaware North at Sequoia in 2012 where she worked in retail at the Lodgepole Market.  Katilin likes to hike and spend time outdoors in the back country.

ISO 14001 Registration takes a commitment at all levels throughout Delaware North and it is with pride that we achieve and maintain this recognition for our environmental management system, GreenPath®.