In partnership with New York State Parks, Delaware North at Niagara Falls completes the restoration of the Cave of the Winds Pavilion just in time for the busy summer season.  The company invested $1.3M dollars into the  the project to address structural issues while maintaining the historic integrity of the Pavilion which was constructed in 1910. A few project highlights include:

  • Repairing deteriorating structural columns and exposing these unique architectural features as intended.
  • Removing wood walls.  There is some history behind these wood walls.  In 1971, a fire at the Top of the Falls building meant that another location was needed for retail and food and beverage services.  New York State Parks chose the Cave of the Winds Pavilion and placed temporary wood walls to enclose this space to provide these services for park visitors. When the Top of the Falls re-opened, the temporary wood walls remained at the Cave of the Winds Pavilion until November of this last year, when they were removed.
  • Installing floor to ceiling glass panels behind the newly renovated cement columns to restore the historic view of the open air pavilion.
  • Restoring historic decorative wood work.  Large rafter tails that originally came out over each column had been cut off so these were were handcrafted and reattached.
  • Reducing the facility’s environmental footprint by integrating LED lights, low VOC paint, and tile flooring.
  • Posting an interpretive sign to share the details of this project with park visitors.

Published June 30, 2015