Delaware North at Yosemite accepted an opportunity to participate in a zero-landfill initiative launched by the National Park Conservation Association (NPCA) on behalf of Subaru of America and Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA).

The goal of this program is to identify, test and scale up zero-based landfill practices at pilot parks, with the long term goal of replicating those practices nation-wide, and benefiting the entire National Park System and supporting the Green Parks Plan.  This partnership also supports Delaware North’s current zero waste initiative at Yosemite.

halfdomeBy leveraging the knowledge, expertise and achievements of SIA as the first U.S. automotive plant to achieve zero-landfill status since 2004, SIA will provide best practices and strategic advice on how to amend our current landfill practices. We also understand that NPCA’s Center for Park Management staff will serve as the “execution arm” of this program ensuring that both the NPS and Delaware North’s staff develop a mutually agreed upon implementation plan that will achieve the park’s sustainability goals.

Depending upon the recommendations and implementation plans that result from this process, Delaware North at Yosemite is prepared to consider investments in infrastructure should they advance our sustainability goals and make sound financial sense for our park-based operations.  All recommendations for change within the Park, as well as associated implementation plans, will be subject to participation and approval of the National Park Service.

Program Overview

Phase I: Baseline Data Preparation and Kick Off Call (January)  The purpose of this phase is to enhance an understanding of current practices deployed by both the NPS and its concessioners. The data collected during this phase will serve as baseline for monitoring park progress for reaching zero-landfill status.

Phase II: Site Visit to Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (February) The goal of this phase is for park and concession staff to glean ideas, insights, and inspiration through a tour of Subaru’s automotive plant, discussions with select staff around their zero-landfill work and seeing the “practices in action.” CPM will capture the learning, ideas and needs to inform the development of an implementation plan for the NPS and park concession operators.Bridalveil Fall & Leaning Tower - Kenny Karst_947_2995_small

Phase III: Site Visits to Observe Respective Park Sites and Preliminary Implementation Planning (March – May)  In addition to the baseline data provided in Phase I, SIA staff will tour the park and concession facilities. This will allow for greater understanding of the scope and scale of the operation. CPM will capture SIA staff’s recommendations and ideas to achieve zero-land fill status.  Finally, NPS and concession operators will prioritize recommendations and identify a preliminary path for execution.

Phase IV: Implementation Plan Finalization and Tracking (June 2015)  This phase will be dedicated to developing a clear, park-wide implementation plan that outlines both the strategies and commitments of park staff and concessioners to complete the steps outlined in the plan. Depending on the recommendations provided by SIA, additional stakeholders from the gateway communities and/or municipality may be engaged to demonstrate a shared commitment towards achieving zero landfill status.